Camel Beach House is a magical coastal getaway on the Eyre Peninsula, SA.

Camel Beach House is a dreamy rustic hideaway nestled on the beach in the middle of private coastal conservation. A place to breathe out, kick back, recharge and connect with nature. Surrounded by golden sand, red rocks, cerulean blue ocean, the energy of rolling and crashing waves and all the wildlife within, you’ll find Camel Beach House is less of a holiday and more of an awakening.

'Inspired by the spirit of the Australian classic Storm Boy ('with a dash of Pricilla Queen of the Desert') and the owner’s global lifestyle between California, Mexico and Australia, Camel Beach House is a modern rustic box that sits on your own private beach and Southern Ocean – off-the-grid, delightfully wild, 250-acre pristine wilderness property on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula.'
Australian Traveller

‘Desert and sea. Wild and free.’